You can obtain cacacoins by accepting them as payment for goods and services or by buying them from a friend or someone close to you. You can also buy them directly from an exchange house with your bank account. Of course on our website, through the “cacacoins” menu.

Finally, we will be happy to put at your disposal the necessary means to obtain your first cacacoins, miners from all over the world already do it with excellent results. It is not necessary to compete to solve complex mathematical problems, the computational power or the cost in electrical energy will affect the net benefit. It does not require a specific integrated circuit of the application, or hardware specialized in ASIC designed for mining efficiency, or require additional software. There is only one requirement: to be a registered user.


Before starting to mine CacaCoin, the first and fundamental thing is that you want and register. Then you only have to visit our website several times a day or several times a week according to your habits, customs and needs. In this way as simple as extraordinary, as we have promised, you will get 1 CacaCoin every day, and as soon as you accumulate 100 Cacacoins you can claim them. You will receive: 1st – Certificate of your CacaCoins. 2º- The same number of CacaCoins for your offline purse. By requesting your CacaCoins, which we will send you for free, you declare that you have read and understood our terms and conditions.