Congratulations, if you are here and not somewhere else, it is because you are interested in receiving your first CacaCoins, which fills us with pride and satisfaction. It is also possible that he had a squeeze at the least opportune moment, or that his efforts did not have the reward he expected. Anyway, before making this decision you should sit quietly, lean on the backrest according to your needs and read quietly and with the utmost attention the following terms and conditions:

  1. CacaCoins is a new cryptocurrency or it may be one day. In any case, it is the only one that guarantees a price in line with its real value, which can only be expected to be increased.
  2. When requesting your CacaCoins you should keep in mind that what you are really doing is a DONATION. If you are completely determined and someone wants to get it out of your head, we advise you to fuck off, yes, with education.
  3. In gratitude, we will send you a Certificate that shows the amount of CacaCoins that you have requested along with an alpha-numeric code that you should only check in privacy, according to your needs of course. We will also send you your CacaCoins so you can have them in your personal purse whenever you need theme
  4. A diet rich in waste is strongly recommended before ordering your CacaCoins.
  5. You can request CacaCoins to speculate, as an investment (who knows what the future holds), to give to relatives, friends, acquaintances, enemies, politicians, bankers or simply because he really wants to.
  6. But, if you are thick and shit and intend to “buy” CacaCoins, know that you have 30 days to change your mind and request the return of your money. Although it is really a donation, there is no problem. We’re going to regret losing your CacaCoins, nothing more, but then do not regret it.
  7. According to the previous point, if after 30 days we request the return of money, we are already talking about major waters (although we have already done it from the beginning), we can not please him since we may have spent the money and also, eliminated all his data of our database.
  8. If you ask us if you can sell your CacaCoins, then we will tell you that we had not thought about it, but there you are their CacaCoins. If it stays at ease and noticeably lighter …
  9. However, we have a moral duty to fight against fraud and counterfeiting in everything related to CacaCoins, so we must control the entire processe
  10. You can sell if you want all your CacaCoins or part of them, it is something that affects each person in particular.
  11. If you sell all your CacaCoins the first consequence is that you will be left without them, which you should have planned in advance. Once these pass to your legitimate owner you will lose your personal password and your certificate will have no value. Come on, you run out of CacaCoins, so you understand.
  12. The buyer or the person to whom you have given them should contact hola@cacaco.in providing us with the password and we will send you a new certificate and a new personal password. The previous key will no longer be valid.
  13. Only you are responsible for your personal password, so you are obliged to keep it, protect it, take care of it, feed it, pamper it, clean it and whatever it takes. If another person takes it and provides it to us, we will understand that it was sold or given away so we will proceed as indicated in the previous point.
  14. But what if he only sells / gives away part of his CacaCoins …? Much better, in this case and although you can not believe it will keep the part of their CacaCoins that does not sell or give away. You must contact us with your personal password and the number of CacaCoins sent to the other person. The buyer or to whom you have sent your CacaCoins must do the same. Checked that everything is correct they will be sent to both a new Certificate in which the CacaCoins that each has and a Personal Key, different for each, of course.
  15. If you buy CacaCoins out there, caretaker, you must first keep in mind that we are not in the loop. You must contact us and tell us the Personal Key of the Certificate you have purchased. If it does not match any valid code, we fear that it has been screwed … You have been cheated and the “ready” because with these things you do not play and may be in a mess and you will want to shit down. Excuse me.
  16. If everything is correct, we will send you a new certificate that certifies the number of CacaCoins that you have acquired and your personal password.
  17. Better that you ask us the CacaCoins, not to buy, sell, give away or na na because we are seeing that all this is a roll. (We would say that shit but we do not want to offend anyone). But if it does, we will fulfill what was promised.
  18. .
  19. Sorry, in the previous point we have remained blank.
  20. Nothing else, just hope that they do not send us to take where the baskets begin.
  21. Oh, do not forget to “download” the page as many times as necessary in case conditions have changed before you have finished reading this.